Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 12: Reflection

I have loved compiling this field journal. I am surrounded by amazing mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and valleys. Since beginning this class and this field journal, I have noticed and understood more of the earth's variation and beauty. At Thanksgiving last week, my brother-in-law and I even got in a discussion about whether what they call the Bonneville Trail in Logan was actually a shore of Lake Bonneville. I've shared many insights that I've learned with my kids and husband as we're traveling around the state. It's become a part of my everyday life.

More than anything, my field journal will continue to serve as a reminder of all that I've learned. As a teacher, I can refer back to it as a resource when asking my students to compile field journals of their own. It has been a wonderful learning tool for me, and I expect they will learn from the experience, as well.

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